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The only in print history of Harold Hill and Noak Hill.

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Details on the 2013 Extension to the Nature Reserve, includes links to download the entire report which includes the ecological report on protected species, veteran trees, management plans and much more.


January 2021, a message from our secretary Alan York.

Dear Friends of Dagnam Park 2020 has been without any doubt a year of mixed emotions, mainly of course due to the awful corona virus. However for the nature reserve, last year saw unprecedented numbers of visitors. People near and far have sought solace and peace of mind, in the wonders of nature and history that is in abundance in our 345 acres. That everyone can enjoy without spending a single penny.

During the year the LBH applied for and were awarded a £70.000 grant from the Violia Trust. They either spent or ear marked the money for tree replacements and repair, pond bank repairs, path improvements and tools for the FODP working parties.

The archaeological dig continued, now in its 6th year. Most excitingly we now know the location of the house cellar. Also the wall garden has been landscaped with old tree stumps so arranged for communal groups to sit and deer watch.

Our annual general meeting for mid February 2021 will have to postponed until we get clearance from government regarding mass assemblies. So keep an eye on our website site and social media for updates. Thanks to all for your continued support and more importantly, do keep safe.

The 2020/21 accounts can be seen here.

Regards Alan York FODP Secretary.


In October 2020 a new information board was installed in between two column bases on what would have been the front steps to Dagnams house. See the board and text here.

13th July 2020

During the “lock down” period visitor numbers increased in the reserve as people who had been staying at home started to use the Manor when undertaking their daily exercise. As the restrictions on movement eased it allowed even more people to get out and about and visitor numbers rose to an all time high level. However what also rose was the amount of litter that the FODP had to contend with on a daily basis. Where once they would fill a couple of black sacks a week before the “lock down” period they suddenly found that this rose to an unacceptable amount with 86 black sacks filled in a 16 day period. It has now abated somewhat but still some visitors are leaving an unwarranted amount of litter behind them once they have left the nature reserve. If anyone is going to the reserve please pick up and take your litter/rubbish home with you and dispose of it safely, more so if the rubbish bins are already full and cannot take any more. Please do not leave carrier bags which contain rubbish next to the bins as animals will rip into them overnight in an attempt to get to any food matter which has been placed in the bags and consequently the contents of the bags will be spread across a wider area. Remember that where you sat to have your picnic was in a clean area free of litter before you arrived…please leave the reserve litter free for others to enjoy it as much as you did.             Don Tait