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Sale Catalogue for part of the Dagnam Park Estate 1919.

Summary of lots.

1. Maylands Farm. Tenant George Gotheridge. Sold to same.

2. Gooshays Farm. Tenants R. and H. Watt. Sold to same.

3. New Hall Farm. Tenant J.P. Mallinson. Sold to same.

4. Harold Wood Farm. Tenant A.W. Sexton. Sold to same.

5. Brick Kiln Farm. Tenants J. Quilter & C. Brooks. Sold to A. Goodwin.

6. Accommodation land. Tenant J. Quilter. Sold to A. Goodwin.

7. Harold Hill Farm. Tenant C. Brooks. Sold to Mr. Ernst.

8. Manor Farm. Tenants E.W. Padfield & C. Brooks. Sold to J. Quilter.

9. Hill Farm. Tenants R. Watt & Son, W. Knight & Various. Sold to M. Watt.

10. Spice Pitts Farm. Tenants W. Knight, R. Watt & Son & Various. Sold to M. Watt.

11. Bear Public House. Tenants Representatives of the late Mr. Broomfield, E.W. Padfield & C. Brooks. Sold to Seabrooks & Sons, Thurrock Brewery.

12. Keepers House & land. Tenants Mr. Edwards & W. Knight. Sold to Harriot Emma Hammer.

13. Accommodation land. Tenant Mr. E.W. Padfield. Sold to J. Quilter.

14. Accommodation land. Tenant Executors of R. Mallinson. Sold to J.R. Mallinson.

15. Accommodation land. Tenants R. Watt & Sons. Sold to Mr. R. Gildersleeve.

16. Accommodation land. Tenants R. Watt & Sons. Sold to Mr. R. Gildersleeve.

17. Pair of Cottages. Tenants R. Watt & Sons & Mr. W. Knight. Sold to M. Watt.

18. Cottage and land. Tenant Mr. C. Brooks. Sold to M. Watt.