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History Index

Aerial Photo 1 1946 RAF, download Holly Tree Cottage. New Hall Farm
Aerial Photo 2 1946 RAF, download   Noak Hill Interactive Map
Angel Cottages Hunting and Shooting at Dagnams Noak Hill, Family History
Archaeological Dig, House Site    
Archaeological Dig, Stable Block Hunting Priory Noak Hill Post Office (Forge House)
Auction Map simple with high resolution map download Jasmine Cottage Noak Hill, first road traffic death or murder?
Auction 1919; with interactive map Keepers Cottage Noak Hill, Pentowan
Bear, Public House   Noak Hill School
    Noak Hill School Photo Album
Brick Kiln Farm Lingham's History of Harold Hill & Noak Hill. complete Noak Hill, Victory Hall
Chequers, Public House

Lodge House, North

Old Keepers Cottage

Lodge House, South

Ovall, Billy, see Angel Cottages
Compulsory Purchase Order for Harold Hill. 1946 Llys Dulas  
Dagnam Park Farm Manor Farm Pentowan
Dagnam Park, a brief history Maps, Old Maps Index Orchard Cottages
Dagnam Park, interactive map Maps, 1919 Auction map Pepys, Samuel at Dagnams
Dagnam Park, the last residents Maps, John Norden Priory
Dagnams, before the Neaves Maps, Joannes Blaeu Quilter, James & James of Manor Farm
Dagnams, Cricket 1866, Map, Modern map with the fields numbered  
Dagnams, crime in the 1800's   Red House
Dagnams, hunting and shooting Maylands ( Farm, Golf Course and Aerodrome ) Repton Humphry
Dagnams, Mansion and Gardens Meadow Cottages Rose Cottages
Dagnams, Mansion from the inside   Round Pond
Dagnams, Round Pond Mole End Spice Pits Farm
Dagnams, Walled Garden   Sport in the park
Don Tait Noak Hill Family History Moat Straight Road School
Ernie Herbert's Harold Hill History;The Street Names Of Harold Hill and Noak Hill. A brief History of the Farms of Noak Hill.
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Morris Dancer St Thomas Church

Forge, Noak Hill

Neave, Arundell... Brother murdered Thatched Cottage, Noak Hill Rd
Forge House Neave Arundell, Death in the 1st World war Tithe Maps & Data 1844
Gooshays Neave Baronetcy and Family Tree Union Meeting Chequers Pub 1880

Neave Family and Slavery

Harold Hill Estate, History index Neave, Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes & Family

V2 Rocket Crater and other WW2 bomb damage

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Harold Hill Farm Neave, Dorina ..Pictures/Bosphorus ...News Cuttings  
Harold Wood Farm Neave, (Dorina Parsons daughter of Dorina Lady Neave) (picture) Walled Garden
  Neave, Mary Gertrude. Daughter of Arundell  
  Neave Mary, wife of Richard Digby Neave Watt, Robert
Hill Farm Neave, Richard Woodside Cottages
Hill Farm Cottages Neave, Richard, Digby Wrightsbridge Road & Wrightsbridge Farm
  Neave, Sheffield  
  Neave Stained Glass Collection (download)  
Hilldene Farm