Details of the Harold Hill Construction Sites (infill) started after the completion of the Estate


March 2019 The latest proposal to destroy Harold Hill as we know it. Centre of the map in black. The proposed sixty four house development in Gooshays Gardens by Havering's Tory council.

Can the Gooshays Gardens over development be the last straw. Truly a dagger in the heart of Harold Hill. There is not a lot left of the wonderful green estate that we all knew in the early days. The council has built on almost every green of any size. They have picked them off one by one, with those seriously affected making their protests to no avail. Because the rest of us stood aside and said it doesn’t really affect me. Well it has eventually affected us all. We need to stand with the people of Gooshays Gardens. Rest assured if you don’t you will be next. If you live on Harold Hill and you have a green space near you then there is no doubt you will be next. Stand up now. Enough is enough Harold Hill has six Councillors organise and contact them here.  councillordenis.o'

For details of the Gooshays initial proposals click here and scroll down to the Appendix on page 203.

And to see the outline planning application in full click here


Harold Hill was designed in the 1940’s. In many cases the roads and other design features followed the existing topography of the farmland and parkland that it replaced. It was a completely green field site and density of housing was carefully managed to give an open appearance with wide verges and numerous green spaces. Some of these spaces were set aside for later development, e.g Taunton Rd Fields, Trowbridge Rd, North Hill Drive/Whitchurch Rd and the large area of the Neave Crescent Estate. But all the other green spaces were an intentional part of the design.
The map below shows the extent of the major new build infill since the estate was completed. I have not highlighted redeveloped areas. The whole of the old prefab site was a huge early redevelopment for example. More recently the pensioner bungalows in Colne Drive, Chippenham and Barnstable have also been redeveloped. It could reasonably be argued that the Dewsbury Rd Depot/Gooshays Gardens rent offices and the former Industrial  site in Spilsby Rd are also redevelopments, albeit a change of use.
The first list below the map is linked to the map and shows all the larger developments. The second list shows a large number of minor sites, almost all former or existing garage sites, most of these are already developed and all sites without access problems must be deemed to be vulnerable to future development. None of these "minor" sites are entered on the map. Primarily because they are mainly redevelepments swopping garages for homes at the rate of about eleven garages for one dwelling. Private developments by individual home owners are also excluded. I consider that they are not significent in the grand scheme of things. Though if you lived next door to one they would occasionally cause irritation and friction. These types of developments though minor in size are extremely numerous. On their own they would have had a very limited impact on the general street scene of "The Hill" when compared with the huge size of the other developments both public and private. This relentless infilling of a residential area is unparalleled in the history of the London Borough of Havering. Why is that? The last update was in July 2016 and work on these pages is ongoing, I am grateful to Don Tait, Ray Robinson and Marion Pickard for picking up several omissions and would be pleased to receive any other suggestions for additions or improvements. Contact the FoDP at                     

                                                                                                                        Del Smith

Past & Present, larger infill sites numbered on the map above.

  1. Appleby Drive/Straight Rd; previous Whitworth Centre prior to that Harold Hill Grammar School Site; 249 one, two, three and four bed houses and apartments plus associated roads, paths, car parking, garages, other ancillary structures and landscaping.
  2. Hailsham Road, ex school Field; Stephens Close, 31 houses, Private..
  3. Taunton Rd; Fields. Over 200 dwellings, flats and houses. Council.
  4. North Hill Drive/Whitchurch Rd; fields; Troopers, Latching and Joyes;  Apx 35 private houses and an apx 30 room Private Residential Home. And North Hill Drive; Opposite Taunton Rd, Council Residential Home and very recently about a dozen private flats to the  south.
  5. Whitchurch Rd/ Dorking Rd; Allotments. 75 (64 flats and 11 houses) residential units, private but including "some affordable housing" together with associated car parking, landscaping and other works
  6. Wigton Rd; play area. Four houses. Housing Assn.
  7. Whitchurch Rd; Duckwood Inn; terrace of 6 houses (2 + roof floors) with 10 parking spaces 
  8. Dorking Close. Sheltered Housing, (Cole Court) ex Brookside School Playing Fields
  9. Dagnam Park Drive; Site of former Methodist Church. Harkness Close 45 flats
  10. Charlbury Crescent; Bosworth School Site. Part Only Briar Site10M)Parking Court and Open Space between 48 & 50-68 Charlbury Crescent & r/o Okehampton Square Erection of two storey building providing a terrace of six houses (2 x 2 bed and 4 x 3 bed);
  11. Trowbridge Rd; Fields. Apx 48 flats and 12 housesCouncil
  12. Dewsbury Road/ Gooshays Gdns; former Shack, GLC depot; 47 new private dwellings, incl some "affordable" housing, in 5 separate buildings extending to 2-3 storeys in height, with associated. car parking, 
  13. Gooshays Drive; Albermarle Fields/Central Park. 242, private two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments
  14. Hucknall Close; 30 flatsCouncil
  15. Tarnworth Rd School Site; originally called Pyrgo Infants (became Kirby Close) 50 housesHousing Assn.
  16. Chatteris Ave; ex Broadford School Playing Fields. seven houses
  17. Cambourne Ave; South Side. Apx 58 dwellings along the entire south frontage
  18. Spilsby Rd; Ex Havering Council offices; 97 private houses; flats & garaging/car parking.
  19. St Neots Ave; Amy’s Adventure playground, Apx 40 semi detached housesHousing Assn
  20. Neave Crescent Estate; Set aside land
  21. North Hill Drive/Taunton Rd; Church Site; Two blocks of flats, probably 12 flats
  22. Chippenham Rd; Council Rent Office, Private funeral parlour, formerly set aside land.
  23. Hilldene Garage; Twelve Two-Storey Semi-Detached and Terraced Dwellings and nine Self-Contained Flats in a Three-Storey Apartment Block, Construct Bin and Cycle Stores, Lay Out Parking and Amenity Areas and Form New Vehicular Accesses onto Hilldene Close, Hilldene Avenue and Bridgewater Road
List of minor sites (the buffs are already converted to housing) Updated 2019.
ADDRESS Description Status Replaced By
Amersham Rd; South Garages built Demolition of 30 garages and erection of 2No. 4 bed two storey semi-detached dwellings and 1No. 2 bedroom bungalow with associated parking and garden area
Amersham Rd; North Garages Built Demolition of 14 garages and erection of 1 no. 5 bedroom bungalow.
Ashbourne Rd; Rear of 12 Garages Built 2 dwellings with associated car parking
Ashbourne Rd; Rear of 13 Garages Built 2 dwellings with associated car parking
Aylsham Lane; Rear of 66 Garages Built 2 "affordable" homes with associated parking
Bridgewater Rd; East Garages Built
Bridgewater Rd; West Garages Built 6 dwellings (3 semis)
Brosely Rd; rear of 46 Garages Built 2, 3 bedroom "affordable" houses with car parking
Chippenham Rd Garages Intact
Chudleigh Rd Garages Intact
Daventry Rd; between 136 & 1 Daventry Green Garages Built One 2 bedroom bungalow
Daventry Rd, rear of No 30 Garages Built  One two bed chalet bungalow
Daventry Rd, walk through to straight Rd; between 2 & 174 CarPark Built Two three bed terraced houses and an additional eight parking spaces
Daventry Rd; Rear Electricity sub station between 52-64 Car Park Built Four, four bed semi-detached houses
Dewsbury Rd/Tansy Close Garages Built Five new dwellings,
Dorking Rd; Rear of 17 Garages Built Two dwellings with associated parking
Dorking Walk  Depot  
Dorking Rd  Playsite Built 2 no 1 bed dwellings.
Dudley Rd; Rear 13-33 Garages Built Two, 4 bed two storey semi-detached dwellings with associated parking and garden area
Edenhall Rd; Rear 0f 30-40 Garages Built Two 4 bed semi-detached houses
Edenhall Rd; Land adjacent to No.37 Garages Built Two. 4 bed semi-detached houses and associated parking
Edenhall Rd; rear of 43-45 Garages Built One 4 bed bungalow and associated parking
Halesworth Close Rear 16-18 Garages Built Two 4 bed semi detached houses
Kingsbridge Rd Garages Built 1No. 3 bed detached house and 2No 4 bed semi detached houses
Leamington Rd, Chepstow Hse Garages Intact
Leamington Close Garages Built One three storey block comprising six 2 bed flats with associated parking.
Leyburn Cres Garages Built Demolition 22 garages. 2 no. 4 bedroom semi detached dwellings with asssociated parking and garden area.
Mongomery Cres, field "Playsite" Built 3 attached chalet bungalows
Oakley Drive Garages Built Two, three bedroom dwellings
Penrith Rd; between 8-10 Garages Built Three detached two bedroom bungalows
Penrith Rd; rear of 4-22 Garages Built Two, two-bed semi-detached bungalows
Petersfield Avenue Depot Intact
Preston Rd, North Garages Intact
Preston Rd, South Garages Built Demolition 13 garages erection of 2 storey dwellings with associated parking
Sedgefield Cres; rear of 4 Garages Built 1 dwelling with associated car parking
Sheffield Drive Garages Built Four dwellings with associated parking
Swindon Lane; 28-40 Garages Built One 2 bed bungalow with associated parking
Whitchurch Rd  Garages Built Three dwellings with associated parking
Wigton Rd; Rear of 69 Garages Built 2 "affordable" homes with associated parking