Potted History of Harold Hill Estate, compiled by Don Tait from a variety of sources, but mainly from the Victoria County History

13th September Romford Straight Road Council school cost £11,354 to build.

First newspaper report of the proposed L.C.C.Housing Estate at Dagnam Park near Romford Essex.

January, two day public enquiry held at Romford Town Hall in relation to the proposed housing estate to be built at Dagnam Park
The name of Harold Hill chosen as the new estate's name (July)
605 prefabs erected on 72 acre site to the west of the estate
27th September New Hall and Gooshays Farms. Auctions held at these two farms of farming implements, carts, tractors etc.

First Excavations started on Road One (Gooshays Drive) block 57.
25th November official opening day of the Harold Hill L.C.C. Housing Estate. This was held at no 44 Gooshays Drive this being the first house that was ready for handing over.
Harold Hill Branch of the British Legion formed.

Hilldene Farm House demolished
G.A.Green Tobacconist Shop first to open in the Cambourne Shopping parade on Saturday 15th July, (broken into and had stock of cigarettes stolen on Tuesday 18th July).
Dagnams House demolished (August)
Harold Hill Methodist Church Dagnam Park Drive originated under the guidance of Rev;L.W.Gray
Baptist Church/Sunday School opened on the estate
Straight Road Council School Renamed Hilldene Junior & Infant School.
Lady Dorina Neave donates a painting to Victory Hall Noak Hill.

Buildings & cottages of Hilldene Farm Demolished
Mead Infants School opened
Bosworth Junior & Infant School opened
Dycorts Junior & Infant School opened

Stained glass window from Dagnams Mansion sold to the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York entitled "Christ among the Doctors"
Mead Junior School opened Priory Junior School opened Broadford Junior School opened Broadford Infant School opened Pyrgo Infants School opened
Foundation stone for St George's Church Chippenham Road laid 13.12.1952
The first Catholic parish was formed on the estate serving the Petersfield Avenue area

Harold Hill Methodist Church Dagnam Park Drive school-cum-church built & opened
St George's Church Chippenham Road opened
Harold Hill & District Affiliated Synagogue formed
St Paul's Church Petersfield Avenue built
Catholic Church Hall Petersfield Avenue opened and housed St Ursula's Junior & Infant school classes.

Harold Hill & District Affiliated Synagogue became truly affiliated
A new parish was formed for the Catholic Church to serve the western side of the estate
St Thomas Church of England School was granted controlled status
Ingrebourne Junior & infant School opened 54/55

Heaton Grange demolished
February 10th Gooshays Drive Police Station opens under the Essex Constabulary
Milk Depot Farringdon Avenue opened Sunday 27th February
June 16th Morris Dancer Public House opens
June 27th Saxon King Public House opens
Harold Hill Grammar School originated when two Grammar School streams were admitted to Quarles School
October   Evangelical Free Church Bridgewater Road opened

Hugh McCulloch Memorial Baptist Church Taunton Road opened
St Paul's Church Petersfield Avenue assigned as a conventional District
St Ursula's Infant school Straight Road opened

Priory House demolished
St Paul's Petersfield Avenue made into a separate parish
St Dominic's Roman Catholic Church Straight Road Opened
St George's Church Chippenham Road became a parish of it's own in August
Brookside Junior & Infant school 56/57

Pompadours Public House built & opened
St Ursula's Junior School Straight Road opened

March   Harold Hill Grammar School opened
Pre-fabricated building erected to be used as a synagogue in Trowbridge Road
Broxhill Secondary Modern School opened in Temporary buildings at Harrowfield's school and at Bosworth School.

Jehovah Witness, Kingdom Hall opened
Tuesday 24th November Alderman Public House opened
Wednesday 2nd December Lord Morrison opened Hilldene Library
Campbell Clinic, Chippenham Road first report in newspaper Friday 10th July Romford Recorder
Broxhill Secondary Modern School opened in buildings at top of Straight Road and Noak Hill Road 59/60.

Thursday 17th November William Conqueror Public House opened,
The Congregationalists formed their own church on estate.

Gooshays Farm House & buildings demolished
London City Mission Gooshays Drive opened
Harold Hill Community Centre opened

Heaton Way United Reform Church opened
Varley Memorial Hall, Christian Community Briar Road opened
Synagogue Building made into a permanent structure

Salvation Army Hall Petersfield Avenue/Oxford Road opened
19th November Albemarle Youth House opened

Church of the Most Holy Redeemer Petersfield Avenue completed and opened

Dycorts Infants School closed
Dycorts Junior School amalgamated with Priory School Dagnam Park Drive
Dycorts School for "maladjusted" children, Settle Road opened in the former Dycourts Infant School, Swimming Pool Gooshays Drive opened 24th May 1966
Demolition of the prefab estate to the west of the Harold Hill Estate begins, most of those living in the prefabs rehoused within Harold Hill

Havering Technical College takes over part of Quarles School Building Tring Gardens
Ravensbourne School Neave Crescent opened in former Social Services training centre
Broadford Infants School opens a unit for partially deaf children.

St Thomas's Church Noak Hill Tower restored.

Neave Comprehensive School formed by the amalgamation of Harrowfield Secondary School Settle Road and Quarles Secondary School Tring Gardens
Bedfords Park Comprehensive School formed by the amalgamation of Harold Hill Grammar School, Appleby Road and Broxhill Secondary Modern School Noak Hill Road