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The Cow Pond - (formerly known as The Perch Pond)

For a 2019 video of toads mating at the pond click here for Peter Adams's video

The first picture I have see that clearly shows the mound, in this case picked out by snow.

Dave Sampson maybe 1990s

This photo by Peter Adams in 1978 is not only interesting in that it shows the dead Giant Redwood or Wellingtonia scientifically known as Sequoiadendron giganteum on the edge of the cow pond it also shows several huge dead English elms in the distance. One to the left of the Redwood, which was close to the old enormous, propped, Holm Oak. And to the right of the Redwood can be seen a tall bare elm stump which was near the lily pond, along the track, further still to the right is the last standing elm of three which housed the old rookery


The pictures below show Jane Monksfield's father swimming in the pond in about 1958, give or take a few years. Interesting to note the amount of trees around the pond. I swam in the pond in the early 60's and it looked much the same.

The trees are all gone now including the huge Wellingtonia on the far right of the first picture, which remains as a dead stump. Coming from built up areas of run down London, Dagnam Park was heaven to young people able to get out into the fresh air and fields of the Essex countryside for the first time.

The starkers picture is of my daughter Cher in 1979. Jane's Father may be the first person to appear topless on the Friends website but my daughter Cher is the first to appear totally starkers. The next picture was taken in the early seventies by me and shows the pond with farmer Quilter's beef cattle in the background, (long before BSE) Followed by several from Dave Gilbert also probably early 70s.              Del Smith.