Friends of Dagnam Park, all downloads.

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Aerial Photo high resolution, 1951  Photo of Harold Hill under construction in October 1951 (western two thirds only)
Aerial Photo 1 1946 RAF Noak Hill and Dagnam Park taken by the RAF in 1946
Aerial Photo 2 1946 RAF Harold Park and Tylers Common taken by the RAF in 1946
Aerial Photos, full set, 1946 RAF Ten photos covering "Harold Hill" Noak Hill and Harold Park taken by the RAF in 1946

Auction Map, simple

High resolution image of the 1919 Map produced for the auction of the Dagnams Estate
Dagnams; news cuttings Historical newspaper cuttings Dagnams

History Files (one download)

by Ernie Herbert

The History of Harold Hill and Noak Hill. 150 pages of carefully researched detail not only updating but significantly adding to Lingham's original booklet of 40 pages. Fully referenced and including bibliography 535KB

The Origins of the Street Names of Harold Hill, Noak Hill and The Farms. 93 pages listing all of the names used in Harold Hill and Noak Hill. 316KB.

The Farms of Harold Hill. 117 pages of details of all the local farms. 399KB.

History of Harold Hill & Noak Hill

The History of Harold Hill and Noak Hill. By B.F.Lingham. A.L.A. First published 1969

  Some cuttings and info on one old Noak Hill family
Neave Baronetcy Comprehensive genealogical history of all the Neaves who ever lived at Dagnams. Researched by Ken Hatfield.
Neave Stained Glass Collection In depth (2016) auction catalogue/booklet on Sir Thomas Neave's stained glass roundels, with pictures. 14 pages.
Noak Hill, news cuttings and parish record out takes Historical newspaper cuttings Noak Hill
Noak Hill School Log Books Noak Hill School Log Books, virtually a school diary dating from the the 1880s to the 1970s.
Noak Hill School Photo Album. A Noak Hill School photo album dating from the late 1930's in high resolution
Nightingale Recording Long recording by Ernie Herbert of a Nightingale singing in Fir wood, Dagnam Park in April 1980
Quarles, Architects Drawings The Architect and building news, 8th Nov 1956. 5 pages of photos and detailed floor plans.
Quarles Boy's School Magazine,  1961   1966 1961 and 1966 boy's school magazines, complete.
Smiths Lane info Cuttings and information on Paternoster Row (Smiths Lane)
St George's Church, Harold Hill 30 page History of  St George's Church from 1934 -1974, with some photos
St Thomas Church, Noak Hill baptisms

All baptism records since the church was built

St Thomas Church, Noak Hill burials  All burial records since the church was built
Straight Rd School (Hilldene) Photo Album A Straight Rd School, Romford, photo album dating from the 1940s in high resolution
Tithe Maps and data 1844/5 High Res'  map of  Dagnams, Noak Hill & "Harold Hill" all data and Noak Hill 1841 census