Minutes; AGM, Friends of Dagnam Park, February 13th 2013

The meeting opened with a talk by Sivi Sivanesan from Froglife on the welfare and identification of amphibians that live in the Manor. (Froglife might give us two powerful torches for night time survey of newts). The Treasurer circulated the printed accounts for 2012.

(1) The Minutes of the 2012 AGM were agreed
(2) The meeting accepted the proposal that the officers from the 2012, if willing, remain in post for 2013 (Chair - Don Tait, Secretary- Alan York, Treasure -Susan Cook, Minute Secretary -Kate Cook.) all agreed.
(3) Alan York reported the success of the grant application from the Community Development Fund of £464.80 and that he was hopeful of receiving either money or clean up kit free from GLA.
(4) It was decided to spend the grant on wheelbarrows, bird boxes, bag openers, gloves, maintenance of the Web Site, and to consider what other events we might organise.
(5) Don Tait reported on a motor bike case that was to be heard in court next week, and of meetings with Council Officers on a of number of park related matters covering proposed football pitches, management of the Priory pond, litter bins, notice boards, seating, security, future of the Cow and Perch ponds, work being carried out in Hatters wood by students. A copy of the officer's replies was given to the minute secretary for filing. The discussion followed the Chairman's report and it was the meetings expressed opinion that Central Park was the proper place for football on Harold Hill and FODP were not seriously consulted on matters related to the welfare of the Manor but only told after decisions have been taken. It was proposed that we make this known to the council.
(6) Questions were ask about the Manor entry on the Noak Hill Road, the Harold Hill Festival, on 6th July, and whether we should purchase a marquee, and the possibility of putting it (if we did) next to the library service stall.
(7) AOB Del had contacted Romford Recorder with notice of the AGM but had no luck but learnt of another publication worth looking at.
(8) Morning chorus walk advertised for spring, details to be emailed.
(9) Fishing club working on their ponds 2/3 March. Alan to speak to Marion to see it the Friends would do a litter pick at the same time.
(10) Don to do a History tour late May/June and he told us he hopes have his book "Harold Hill and Noak Hill a History" published in April.
(11) Benjamin Sanderson (Council Officer) raised the possibility of grassing cattle on parts of the Manor.

In view of the time it was decided to adjourn the meeting and for the Chair/Secretary to arrange to meet with B. Sanderson in the near future and report back to the members. Meeting closed 9.35