Litter Pick Saturday.11-2-2006


The third annual litter pick took place on Saturday, I am afraid that due to persistent rain Sunday's work was abandoned, so many members missed out. However a large amount of litter was collected on the Saturday, and as I write the Council are removing it from the entry points. The prospective new Labour Cllr Brian Eagling turned up in the pouring rain on Sunday, obviously he is completely mad and has all the required credentials to be a Councillor.
However I did take the opportunity to show him the area on the flats side of Whitchurch Rd, which was a disgrace, we removed all we could on Saturday but there were mounds of rubbish that had obviously accumulated over years all around the site including that bordering the Housing Dept land and along the highway in Dagnam Park Drive. The fact that the people living in the flats are condemned to viewing the mess from their kitchen windows is a disgrace and the Council are probably contravening the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (c. 43). See