Harold Hill and Noak Hill: a history by
Simon Donoghue & Don Tait
. 2014

The only in print history of Harold Hill and Noak Hill.

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Details on the 2013 Extension to the Nature Reserve, includes links to download the entire report which includes the ecological report on protected species, veteran trees, management plans and much more.


The FODP AGM took place on the 14th February 2017. Full details, minutes, reports, and accounts can be seen here

Click for update on the "Save the Manor" campaign

25th Jan 2017; Some good news at last, Though the battle is not yet over. Let's hope future generations will remember the determination of the FODP and all of the Manor's supporters. Let's kill off this project once and for all and with the same resolution fight to have the land formally included within the Nature Reserve. After all the council already have a suitable press release. Alan York the FODP secretary said “"Great news from the 25th January 2017 Havering Council meeting regarding the Solar Panel Project. Head Councillor Roger Ramsey made a statement In which he said
“Although work is continuing on financial and practical analysis I can say that we do not now consider that the Dagnam Park proposal should proceed in its current form. My particular concerns include the size of the area proposed and its topography. If a smaller scheme for Dagnam Park is to be suggested the form and content of consultation will be discussed in advance with the Friends Group”
Which of course is great news. However the problem has not gone away and future meetings are to be arranged to find a way forward for the council to cover funding the huge monetary short fall because of government cuts. Many thanks to the supportive councillors, residents and of course the many Friends of Dagnam Park for their hard work and enthusiasm in achieving a huge step forward””

New pages on the History of St George's Church, Chippenham Road here


Join us on Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th March 2017 for an activity weekend.

For those interested in gardening we have been given Council permission to lift and split the  snow drops. This action over the years makes for a carpet of white blossom. Some parks are famous for their snowdrop displays. It is our intention to achieve the same. A long term job but will be well rewarded in the follow on years!.

Also the Park entrance at Settle Road is to have a make over. As first impressions count the area will cleared of scrub ( by us ), new signage and the unnecessary metal work removed.

Bring your own spades  but we do have a few for those without.

We will also continue with the current long term job of removing the yards of barbed wire that surrounds the park. We have completed three quarters of the manor house track towards Noak Hill Road, but much more to do. If you have strong wire or bolt cutters please bring them.

 A group activity organised by LBH Parks Dept;  and the Chase Volunteers Group continued their previous current project of clearing the area around the walled garden pond.

The Manor at present is looking supremely litter free ( well almost! I know as soon as we clear it, more is dropped!!)  Thanks to all litter pickers.

Looking forward to see you all again. 

                                                                             Alan York


See full litter pick schedule and photos for 2017




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