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The only in print history of Harold Hill and Noak Hill.

Where to buy and specimen pages


Details on the 2013 Extension to the Nature Reserve, includes links to download the entire report which includes the ecological report on protected species, veteran trees, management plans and much more.


March 2018

A major piece of research that I did censusing the birds in Dagnam Park in 1972 is now available on our website. It contains all the individual species maps and more. Go to bird census

Del Smith


With the local elections almost upon us. It is worth considering who will best assist us- the Friends of Dagnam Park, in our continuing campaign for the boundaries of the Manor to be formalised and designated as a Nature Reserve. Over the past two years Don and I have met Head Councillor Roger Ramsey many times to discuss this issue. On each occasion he has stated that the reason for such a delay, is the legal department have a heavy work load and a low staffing level. However after being repeatedly told this for such a long period, the excuse is now wearing very thin. So the new administration, who ever they maybe, will be contacted again for an explanation of their plans for these "redundant fields" as they were described. Will they be built on or formalised as Nature Reserve. Unless we are given an exact date for formalisation, we will have to start another campaign to pursue our objectives.

Alan York

Today's weather in Dagnam Park


See here for the full 2018 litter pick programme


Litter pick, 21st /22nd July. Meet Settle Road car park 9.30am.

Charity Dog Walk 12th August. More details on this will be issued soon.

Picnic in the Park. 19th August. Same as last year. Meet up from 2pm onwards.


The 19th May 2018 sponsored walk to raise funds for the local St Francis Hospice has raised a grand total of £1329.75. A fantastic success for a worthy cause. The funds will be handed over to the hospice hopefully next week, either Monday or Friday afternoon. Below some of the organisers and volunteers for the sponsored walk around the park. Well done to all.

Alan York


The archaeological digs take place every Monday and Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the dig site. All the tools are provided. And all volunteers are made welcome

                Alan York