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The only in print history of Harold Hill and Noak Hill.

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Details on the 2013 Extension to the Nature Reserve, includes links to download the entire report which includes the ecological report on protected species, veteran trees, management plans and much more.

October 2017;

  Tim Doman has now posted two excellent drone video sequences of Dagnam Park. Our thanks to Tim for permission to link to them here, July 2017. and here, Oct 2017.



November 2017

The final dig dates for 2017 are Friday 1st December, Monday 4th December and Friday 8th December. Dig dates for 2018 to be announced.

October 2017

The Friends of Dagnam Park are asking for your help to win funding which will go towards the planting of trees along the drive way from the car park down to the Lily Pond. It also includes protection from potential deer damage. For the FODP to be in the running for the £1,000 grant for this Aviva project people need to cast all of their votes in favour of it. Each person will be allocated ten votes so please cast yours in favour of the FODP tree project. Please help the FODP reach the required 1,500 votes that last year proved to be successful.....many thanks.

Oct 2017 News from Alan York

We are now exploring the house foundations. We started at the west wing. However we found the scrub at the site needed to be cleared. So LBH Tom Fradd and crew assisted us with the use of their heavy duty hedge cutter. As the waited for this work to be completed we moved acoss to investigate the east wing kitchen/domestic area. As only having a rough idea where to dig the first test trench, found only rock hard mud. Further test trenches also came to naught! However we could see, near the brown gravel path that divides the house from the stable block, was a small area of concrete. This was a good move as two weeks later we now have exciting results. Don had blown up a detailed map of the house, this has highlighted points and paths we had not noticed before. Plus on digging to a depth of three feet discovered three floor levels on top of each other. This displays that over a long period going as far back as the 15th century, the kitchen area had at least three make overs! When Richard Neave purchased Dagnams in 1772 he knocked down and replaced the family area but kept the same kitchen. Although most probably ( although as yet, we have insufficient proof ) then made improvements to the kitchen/domestic area. Finally news of the calendar. As we have received requests for at least 130. We will now order a print run of 150. Unfortunately this will be a large pay out of £592. 50p. So pleased, to those who have put in a order-- don't let us down. Pay either in cash or chegue, (to; Friends of Dagnam Park) or you can pay by bank transfer, if so contact me and I will give you the sort code and account number. The final date for sending in your photos has been brought forward to Sunday 22nd October 2017. This will give the printers more time to finalise our increased order.

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