Update June 2016

This Item is from the Friends of Dagnam Park website about 12 years ago.

Jeff Stafford is no longer a Cllr and the Whitchurch Rd allotments have all been built on.

Visit Harold Hill infill for a complete list of all the infill construction on Harold Hill since 1955.

Cllr Jeff Stafford has informed us that Havering Council are considering selling off so called building land on Harold Hill. I have filled in blue the three areas in question and attached Jeff's comments to the council. If you would like to comment email Cllr Jeff Stafford at....


1 . Priory Road

The first problem I have with this is that you refer to it under Planning/Transportation/Access Issues as "green chain".    What does that mean?    If it means Green Belt then your proposal under Disposal Options will not be possible.    I don't think this road lends itself to a residential development as it is so narrow and being next to "The Priory" residential home, parking will pose a problem.    Therefore I am opposed to its disposal as a site for residential development.

   However, if it was developed, access to Dagnam Park by motorbikes has always been a problem and I would like to think that a path from the road to give access to Dagnam Park would be possible for pedestrians.

2. Bedale Road/Tiverton Grove

Residential development on this piece of land would put extra pressure on parking for existing residents as it is already a problem.    This amenity space is still used by children and as it was designed for that purpose it should stay that way.    Therefore, I am opposed to it's disposal as a site for residential development.
3. Brookside Allotments

This piece of land would be inappropriate for residential development if accessed from Dorking Rise due to parking and narrowness of the road.    It should be redeveloped for the community as a "community garden" as was proposed whilst the SRB money was still around.    Therefore, I am opposed to its disposal as a site for residential development.