Bat Night

Rain kept the bats home but not the Friends of Dagnam Park.

Because the weather was poor I attempted to cancel the meeting with only an hour to go, in the hope of saving some wasted journeys. The attempt was a failure and thirty members and guests arrived in the rain, some with umbrellas!

It was not a cold night but the rain was fairly persistent but light. In spite of this we did manage to locate a few bats mainly near the Lily Pond. We had confirmation of only one species, the Pipistrelle which was not entirely unexpected.

The Friends of Dagnam Park are extremely grateful to Michelle Pearson of Essex Wildlife Trust who led the group round after giving an introductory talk. John Dobson has kindly agreed to set another night aside and try again. Thursday 1 st July is the chosen day we meet in the car park at 9.15pm.

John has a web site with some info on bats so have a look at the work he does at