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Whitchurch Rd, Allotments.

The first two pictures show the site in April 2006, Havering Council by their own admission had not cleaned the site for five years when it ceased to function as an allotment site and they resumed responsibility for its maintenance. The stinking shed in the second photo just yards from Whitchurch shops was used as a urinal by passing drunks and who knows who else. The third photo shows the rubbish mountain collected by the council's workforce following threats of legal action by the Friends of Dagnam Park Its still there today but we are confident it will be removed shortly. The Friends are now turning there attention to the "Shoulder of Mutton Wood" in Leamington Rd which is in a similar deplorable state.

The Friends are grateful to our member Cllr Yve Cornell who put in a considerable effort on this site

I have found the website below very useful

or download the package here

This site provides you with all the information required to apply for a litter abatement order under The Environment Protection Act of 1990. It supplies you with three specimen letters and all you need to do is fill in the gaps and post them off. The first is a request for a clear up from the "responsible body" (usually the local council). The second is a warning that you will be seeking an order from the local magistrates and the third is an application to the court for a Litter Abatement Order. This one costs £5. It couldn't be easier and this is the process we intend to use to force the council to clear some of the more squalid and forgotten bits of our estate.