The Chequers,  Chequers Road/Noak Hill Road (Now demolished)

The Chequers was originally an alehouse for dwellers near Wealdside common. Though recorded from 1769 to 1809 it is not included in directories before the 1860s. (Kelly's Dir. Essex (1866): Mrs. L. Grayling, beer retailer, Wealdside) (Victoria County History)

Below, the Chequers probaby in the 60s and then below that about 1970, some strange things had already begun to happen to it, the extension with the bow fronted Georgian window was the start of much worse to come. In the early 60s it was pretty much unspoilt with a Walnut tree in the garden and an aviary out the back. In the fifties as kids we would never fail to stop to see the caged birds as we passed by on our push bikes.

This photo was taken from a Flickr page run by Sparrosnaps, he/she has numerous other local pub photos on there. Thanks to him or her, whoever they may be. Now grit your teeth and scroll down to the appalling mock Tudor abomination created by a hapless Harold Hillian who must have come into a few bob. It is his idea of Ye Olde Chequers Inn. You can scrub off graffitti, vandalism by owner is often more devastating, more damaging and much longer lasting. How did Brentwood Council come to think this was a good idea? 

Postscript. Peter Adams informs me that the walnut tree was destroyed during the 2016 demolition and subsequent redevelopment.

  Del Smith    


Mark Patrick Smyth took the two pictures below on the 16 August, 2017 at 11.39. He states that "by 4 o clock the whole building had been demolished"

Halfpenny Newsman 30th October 1880

An interesting news cutting, not sure if they really drank tea but for forty five farm labourers to turn up for a union meeting is impressive. No buses in those days.