Straight Rd Council Infant and Junior School opened in 1940. It took many children from the Noak Hill School. Miss Mardall and Miss Hutchison also moved from Noak Hill to the new school. Miss Mardall became the school's first head teacher. In 1950 the schools, by now separated into junior and infants were renamed Hilldene and in 1983 it was burned to the ground in an arson attack.

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Image 37
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Image 41a
Image 41b;  Alan Gilfillan states  "I would think that this photo is late 40's early 50's, John Jenvy was ex RAF so it must have been after 45, he is on the far right back row. On the right of Miss Mardall (front, centre) is Alan Smith who came to the school in about 1950, on her left is Miss Thomas and next to her is Miss Hutchison. Behind Miss Mardell in the patterned dress is Mrs Catini {Secretary} and behind her is Mr Coxon". (Mr Coxon went on to teach in Dycorts Junior School in the mid to late 1950's. Del Smith)
Image 42a
Image 42b; Allan Gilfillan  recognised the following. Standing from left to right is Michael Hall, Neil Spence now or was a Magistrate, Tony Snook, Brian Fosset, Allan Gilfillan, Rex ?, Kneeling, Albert Clayton, Eric Salmon and Michael Mc Gregor.
Image 43a
Image 43b
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Image 53b
Image 69 Vi Huchison far left Miss Mardall seated right.
Images 70 & 72, Barbara Colla, 1948
Image 74 May Queen Stella Wildman 1947
Image 75 The Mayoress Miss Webb 1947-8
Image 76
Image 77 Dinah Moss 1945
Image 78 May Queen Barbara 1948
Image 79
Image 80 May Queen Barbara 1948 at the Victoria Hospital
Image 81
Image 84 James Boutle 1941
Image 85
Image 86
Image 87
Image 88
Image 89
Image 92 Straight Rd/Myrtle Rd junction 1948