The first RSPCA clinic in Gooshays Drive was situated on the old Gooshays farmhouse site, the Harold Hill Community Centre now stands there. It was always our first port of call with a sick animal. Mrs Campbell who lived in Harold Wood was the mainstay but she was ably supported by Mrs Hercock who lived in Woodbridge Lane. Mrs Hercock's son took this photo in about 1961-3, John Hercock went on to become a notable photographer. Her daughter Rose was also devoted to animals and worked as a kennel maid at The Grange greyhound kennels.

When this shack was demolished in the 60's Mrs Campbell fought for and succeeded in establishing the new Campbell Clinic in Chippenham Rd, a godsend for Harold Hill's animal lovers. Thanks to all of them and to Ken Hatfield for his diligence in uncovering the photo below online.

Below is a copy of an account supplied by Don Tait and written by Ada Campbell herself of the origins of the Harold Hill RSPCA clinic


Those rummage sales continued well into the 70's (at least) and I often turned up there on a Thusday afternoon, I think, and bought the odd item of clothing or maybe a book. Two items of clothing stick in my mind, the first a British Army officer's full dress jacket (all the go in the hippy days of Sgt Pepper) and a womens silky green paisley blouse which was beautiful but too small for me and it gradually ripped and shredded under the arms and I finally discarded it when it completely separated into three parts.

     Del Smith.

The two pictures below were posted on the Romford History Facebook page in September 2019. It was pointed out that the two pictures are separated by fifty years. The clinic is currently closed and is unlikely to reopen (2019)