The Priory Today (2005)

There is very little left to see today, the ponds are still there of course. And if you rummage around you may find some foundations and some sections of the long abandoned columns brought in by the Neaves but never installed. The largest pond to the North of the house remained undisturbed apart from the attention of young fishermen until the early 70's when it was taken over by a fishing club. They enlarged the main pond by digging out the soil that separated the smaller pond alongside. They also dredged the pond dumping the sludge on the eastern banks. They fenced the area and it was a private fishery for about 30 years. Three or four years ago they gave up the lease, the fences are down now and fishermen and boys are once again making free use of the fishing. Sadly litter seems to follow wherever we go and there are substantial accumulations on the pond's banks as well as in the pond itself. In spite of that it is still a peaceful secluded spot and worth a visit.

Adjacent to the pond there is a smallholding which has now been purchased from the council. It was originally leased from the Greater London Council back in the 1970's.

The pond is now "for all practical day to day purposes" part of the extended Manor Nature Reserve