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The Dagnam Park Photo Album

Photos of Dagnam Park, largely superceded by Don Tait's Facebook page.

There are a few photos towards the end by Gaynor Smith (obviously no relation) They were taken in the very early days of the website. In those days my choice was limited, it was long before facebook. They are mostly flowers. I would like to add some modern challengers. As lovely as she is Gaynor doesn't claim to be a photographer. But to remove her photos could cause me grief unless the case was overwhelming. So help me out, I still need something better.                                 Del Smith

Great image by Dave Gozzy setting the pace for 2018
It is notoriously difficult to "do fog." So congratulations to Muriel Elisebeth Laura Morley for this atmospheric image taken in Dagnam park on on 30th December 2016.
Don Tait April 2016

Evocative photo by Chris Brundle, March 2016.

Perch Pond  (Cow Pond) by Don Tait 30th March 2014

Kingfisher by Don Tait, 27th April 2015

Sunrise, by Chris Brundle, Jan 2015

Cobweb, by Alec Hickman, 2014

Fox, by Alec Hickman 2014

Stag, very early on a cold morning. Chris Brundle 2014

Early Morning Stroll by Don Tait, March 2012.

Wren by Alec Hickman, 2014
The Cow Pond in winter 2003. Photo Gaynor Smith
Wild Roses summer 2004. Photo Gaynor Smith
Bluebells Spring 2004. Photo Gaynor Smith
Poppies and Scented Mayweed Photo Dave Sampson
Snowdrops in Spring 2004. Photo Gaynor Smith
Oak in the ancient meadows. Photo Gaynor Smith
Wood Anenome in Hatters Wood 2004. Photo Gaynor Smith
Creeping Buttercups in the old playing fields summer 2004. Photo Gaynor Smith
The Green Pond. Photo Soo Obrien.

Lightning over Dagnam Park, 19th July 2014. Rob Lagden

This sunrise picture was taken by J Kennerson on 21st June 2006
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