(To read the full history of the anti solar campaign click here)

Chris Cooper organised an online petition on the proposed Solar Array as part of the overall campaign of opposition. It ran in tandem with a paper petition organised by members of the FoDP and other park users. There is no doubt that these huge petitions played their part in getting The London Borough of Havering’s Conservative Council to abandon their proposal. Chris Cooper has kindly made the petition available to us. I thought that an analysis of the petition would be interesting so below I have set out some statistics.


The petition ran from 9th October 2016 until the 13th March 2017. In total 3,326 people from 47 countries signed the petition, that is if we include the Isle of Man and The United States Minor Outlying Islands as separate countries. Obviously the vast majority of the signees were from the UK, 2,880, (including 1,780 stating Harold Hill or Romford as their address) leaving just 346 from abroad. The top three of these being the USA (93) Germany (77) and way behind Belgium with 23. There were 25 countries with just one signee each, among them Costa Rica and the Republic of Macedonia. Strangely not a single supporter from either Russia or China. Neither is there a single signature from the three members of the local Conservative Action Team who came along after the victory claiming to have been part of the campaign. This is what their leaflet said.....

“ Your Conservative Action Team successfully campaigned against the proposals for the planned Solar Farm development. We are happy to report that after pressure not only from your Action Team, but Friends of Dagnam Park and others the Council have decided not to go ahead with the proposed plans. This area will continue to be used as a recreational and nature reserve for the benefit of the residents of Harold Hill and surrounding areas”


Needless to say we neither heard nor saw anything of these usurpers over the whole period of the campaign. Having said that we never say no to converts no matter how late in the day, so welcome aboard to the Conservative Action team, you can become members of the FoDP from our website.

Many politicians from all parties (including some leading Conservatives) visited the park during the consultation period and a few other local politicians played a part in the campaign of opposition. (Denis O Flynn being the most prominent) It’s very curious that the ones who did absolutely nothing are the only ones claiming any credit for our victory.

Del Smith


United Kingdom 2880 Costa Rica 1
United States 93 Cyprus 1
Germany 77 Czech Republic 1
Belgium 20 Finland 1
Austria 18 Georgia 1
France 17 Greece 1
Spain 11 Hong Kong 1
Switzerland 11 Isle Of Man 1
Japan 10 Luxembourg 1
Australia 9 Macedonia Republic Of 1
Canada 9 Malaysia 1
Italy 9 Mexico 1
Netherlands 8 Norway 1
Ireland 6 Poland 1
Slovenia 6 Qatar 1
New Zealand 4 Romania 1
Malta 3 Singapore 1
Argentina 2 Slovakia 1
India 2 Thailand 1
Israel 2 Turkey 1
South Africa 2 Ukraine 1
Sweden 2 United Arab Emirates 1
Brazil 1 U.S. Minor Outlying Islands 1
Colombia 1 Conservative Action Team 0