Thatched Cottage in 1969

This photo was taken after a major renovation when a ludicrous mock tudor design replaced the old Essex boarding. Dormers were added and the tiled roofs of the out buildings were replaced with thatch The rethatching looks an impressive job, the original thatch was far less ornate.

As a boy in the 50s and early 60s this cottage was a very small local store. As children we would often stop by to buy sweets of which the old lady sold a wide variety.

Two poor pre war pictures below of the Thatched Cottage, which even then served as a local store. One picture displays an advert for Lyons Tea. It was probably the site of the robbery reported in "The Newsman" on the 7th June 1902, below.

Thanks to Don Tait for providing this background information on the Ainsworths

Eliza Ainsworth and her sister Joyce appear on the 1901 census (taken on 31st March 1901). Joyce is noted as being a grocer & shop keeper whilst Eliza is recorded as being employed as an assistant (in the shop). The census does not give an indication as to where the shop was (does not even give a road name) but it was three premises down from the school and two premises up from Manor Farm (going by the way the entry for it is recorded on the census). Which puts it roughly in the area of the thatched cottage. Joyce died in 1905 aged 70 and in 1906 at the age of 68 Eliza married 70 year old William Tice (that is how his surname appears to be on the marriage certificate) a coachman who was living in Noak Hill at the time of the marriage. The marriage took place at St Thomas's. I cannot find her after her marriage. On the marriage certificate Eliza's occupation is given as grocer, and her residence is given as Noak Hill.

N.B. The surname Ainsworth/Answorth changes in different sources. A headstone has Answorth, census return has Ainsworth, take your pick.

Lastly, Don Tait's picture from 2009