6th October 2004

You will recall there has been an ongoing problem with the tenants of Manor Farm. It was compulsory purchased in 1946 by the LCC, when that became the GLC the farm went to that council and finally with the demise of the GLC the farm went to Havering Council. Through all of that time, the Quilter family has held the tenancy of the farm firstly by James and on his death by his son, also James who died several years ago. Following the death of the later James, work on the land virtually ceased, though the buildings continued to be used as a farm shop via an unauthorised subletting. For the past year or so Havering Council have been going through the process of recovering the land and buildings from their tenant. I hope that clarifies the position to date.

Cllr Jeff Stafford has now made some enquiries on our behalf and he writes,

"The Manor Farm position is half cleared up. There is some ongoing legal action regarding the buildings but the land associated with the farm has been taken back and the Parks Service are looking after this, as it adjoins Dagnam Park.  Havering Council do not have any immediate plans for the land other than to regard it as a local open space but it will be looked at further".

Obviously from the point of view of The Friends, we would like to see all of the land included in Dagnam Park permanently. But in the short term It would be a tragedy if the buildings were simply neglected and allowed to deteriorate. We hope the council have plans in hand to prevent the buildings being vandalised or there would seem to have been little point in evicting the recent users.

Editors Note

Essentially the land in question includes the three fields between the Lily Pond and the Priory Pond, along with all the fields backing onto Priory Rd and Tees Drive.

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