It's a long while since we did one of our Beauty Spots of Harold Hill features. This one was brought to our attention by one of our supporters Belinda Bearman and it is the culvert on Dagnam Park Drive alongside Brookside School. As you can see it's a filthy eyesore and it doesn't look like its been cleaned for months. It's interesting to note that this is part of Harold Hill's "Green Corridor" not a very good advert. Anyway we have contacted all three of our Councillors on the email addresses below this morning (7/3/16) and asked them to get it cleared and hopefully keep it clear of rubbish in the future. We will let you know their responses and keep you updated on progress.

Text of our email, below

"Dear Councillors, It has been brought to our attention that the culvert on Dagnam Park Drive is in a deplorably filthy state. Would it be possible for you to investigate and find out why it has been left like this. And more importantly get the Council to clear it and keep it clean in the future. Thank you"

Cllr Rumble replied the same day, I assume she speaks for all three but she doesn't say that. Text of her email below.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention , I will do my upmost to remedy this problem as soon as possible. Kind regards, Cllr Patricia Rumble"

The following day Cllr Rumble said

"Dear Mr Smith, Streetcare has arranged for the clearance of the culvert to be done as soon as possible .
You may be interested to know that Highways shall be clearing the river from Petersfield to Dagenham  Park Drive , in conjunction with work being carried out by the Parks Department to improve the area . Once the Persimmon Homes Development has finished , the river can be accessed more easily due to new infrastructure .

I hope that this is of some help. Kind regards, Cllr Patricia Rumble"

I replied immediately

"Thank you Cllr Rumble for your very prompt action on this matter. Obviously “as soon as possible” is open ended but we will be watching Street Care’s performance with interest. You didn’t address the other points in our original email. Can street care explain why it has been neglected like this and can they assure us that the neglect will not reoccur. I will publicise your information on the clearing of the brook within Central Park. We are grateful for that information. Obviously the majority of the length of Paines Brook lies outside of the park and if anything it is in greater need of care and attention. I am afraid I have no understanding of what "the river can be accessed more easily due to new infrastructure" means could you get the dept to elaborate. Best Wishes Del Smith"

No further comments from Cllr Rumble.

But on the 3rd April I sent the following

"Dear Cllr Rumble, I have just been notified that the culvert area is now clear of rubbish. Thank you for your help in this matter."