Notes on some of the park's old oaks by Bob Mawson.

Bob Mawson who lived in Priory Rd up until 1971 has recently been in touch with us and provided us with the data that he created in February 2012. At that time he measured and recorded the oak trees that he considered some of the oldest in the Priory Rd area of the park. He said one had already been subjected to vandalism. They may all be at risk. The table below linked to the Google Maps image below that shows the grid references and the girths of those trees. The measurements were taken at the standard height of three feet.     Del Smith

GRID REF Girth in Metres
1 TQ5468093133 5.1
2 TQ5451993144 5
3 TQ5438993211 3.6
4 TQ5413393219 4.7
5  TQ5414093270 4.2
6  TQ5415393290 5.7
7 TQ5434993357 3.75
8 TQ5434993409 3.6

Bob also commented on an ancient Oak that he suggested might be one of the oldest in the park. It had a girth of over six metres. It is middle of the first field to the east of the old Wrightsbridge Road close to a depression/pond that also once hosted two Wych Elms.

If you click on the tree numbers a photo of the tree will appear. The photos are Bob Mawson's taken in 2012 and the more recent ones were taken by Peter Adams in April 2020